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Encoders, Solenoids, Rotary Switches, and Illuminated Products

Electroswitch has an extensive offering of encoders, both optical and mechanical, as well as rotary switches, illuminated push-button switches and indicators, solenoids and value added assemblies.  

A hallmark of Electroswitch's success and quality is a tremendous emphasis on design, qualification and test support of our product into customers' applications. What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to engineer cost-sensitive products meeting our customers' needs.

While the superiority of Electroswitch products makes us the quality choice, it is our role as a "solutions supplier" rather than a "parts supplier" which most contributes to our win-win partnerships with customers. This, combined with our low-cost manufacturing, makes Electroswitch a hard team to beat.

Our value-added approaches, coupled with our demonstrated technical expertise, elevate product quality and allow customers to benefit from significant cost efficiencies. Throughout our history, we have found that an up-front commitment to understanding applications, specifications and systems consistently lead to low cost, high quality designs.

For companies seeking partnerships with progressive, quality-driven manufacturers, Electroswitch is the ideal "Source for Solutions."



Optical and Mechanical Encoders

Optical and Mechanical Encoders

Electromechanical Rotary Switches

Electromechanical Rotary


Illuminated Push-Button Switches and Indicators

Illuminated Push-Button
Switches and Indicators